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MeMo² a Kantar company delivers integrated clarity on the joint attributed effect of crossmedia investment. We apply these insights to manage, lead and guide brands into brand and sales performance improvement.


  • Crossmedia Tracking

    Once Marketing campaigns are live and are reaching consumers on a large scale - essential questions need clear answers fast; does my crossmedia investment generate the requested return of investment? Do we reach our target audience? Do we achieve the right brand impact?

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  • Brand Tracking

    MeMo² comes with a long history of structured Brand Tracking. The MeMo² Brand Tracking methodology comes with it’s own platform and integrated Scorecard Reporting. Based on several brand analytical modules, competitive overviews and extensive in industry benchmarking we are better positioned to provide a full 360 overview.

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  • THX. Platform

    The MeMo² THX. Platform is capable of monitoring the day-to-day effects of your (Cross)Media and Marketing investment. For example; when brands start their campaign with airing new commercials on TV and video ads on Youtube, it’s crucial to monitor real reach among national and representative audiences.

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  • THX Shopper Analytics. (Designed for Retail & FMCG brands)

    A new era of shopper analytics has arrived. From FMCG and home improvement manufacturers, to retailers, agencies and more, THX Shopper Analytics brings unprecedented visibility into consumer behavior and all the influencers that drive it.

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  • Insight Scans

    Before actual campaigns are generated and go live, it makes sense to pre-test various assumptions. These assumptions might impact the actual outcome of your crossmedia investment.

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  • Commercial Data Science

    A lot of data is available. Mostly in different places. Inside or outside the organization. This complex eco-system of data sources hides serious growth potential for ambitious brands. By collecting, connecting, validating, analyzing, modeling and forecasting data and information brands can outperform their competitors. The only question is how to do it?

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  • Customer Journey

    Journeys are getting increasingly complex and fragmented. Especially online. Multi-device means multi-experience. Large marketplaces redirect traffic within their domain without little control from the brands’ perspective. Offline and online retail is not always properly connected.

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  • Forecasting and Modeling

    MeMo² conducted about 8500 crossmedia effect tracking projects. All these results are structured and stored to produce feedback for brands.

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  • Strategy and Consulting

    Brands reconsider their linear Media Planning process whereby briefing, historic media buying practices and basic campaign evaluation is the basis in which the annual media and marketing ‘seasons’ operate. It’s not to say it’s not producing results, but it does come with structural problems.

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[ 40 Countries worked in , 11512 Successful research projects , 950K Completed surveys per year , 15 Billion Euro ad spend analysed ]



Be Part of an Internationally Growing Research & Consultancy Company. If you are interested in identifying the relationship between marketing instruments and their efficiency, MeMo² is for you!

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