• Crossmedia Effect Tracking

    Once Marketing campaigns are live and are reaching consumers on a large scale – essential questions need clear answers fast; does my crossmedia investment generate the requested return of investment? Do we reach our target audience? Do we achieve the right brand impact? Do we see positive consumer behavior? What about sales levels? How much growth and opportunities remain untouched? Do we optimize synergy between offline and online, between TV and Youtube, between display and content?

    By connecting audiences to their individual media consumption and buying behavior, MeMo² is able to determine and track their cognitive availability for your brand. In doing so, MeMo² is able to:

    Validate, integrate and clarify actual crossmedia brand and sales performance,

    Provide clear directions how to optimize online and offline sales.

    Provide clear directions how to optimize favorable brand position,

    Provide guidelines to improve media efficiencies,

    Provide transparency what media channels and positions to invest in,

    Use crossmedia transparency as a currency.

    Use crossmedia KPI setting as an effective way to guide agencies and marketing teams.

    MeMo² generates instant clarity and control by allowing brands to access our Marketing tracking reporting platform. Actionable templates like the Crossmedia Scorecard presents actual performance levels on essential KPI’s, compared to competitors’ and benchmarking data, thus providing Media and Marketing team professional feedback.

    Our strategy consultants present specific and advanced crossmedia analysis to propose performance enhancement by drilling down in effect attribution. These sessions generally create significant value for ambitious brands.

  • Brand Tracking

    MeMo² comes with a long history of structured Brand Tracking. The MeMo² Brand Tracking methodology comes with it’s own platform and integrated Scorecard Reporting. Based on several brand analytical modules, competitive overviews and extensive in industry benchmarking we are better positioned to provide a full 360 overview.

    For brands who work with theories of Byron Sharp we provide a set of specific brand analytical modules.

    It’s advisable to combine Brand Tracking with Crossmedia (Effect) Tracking. Both data streams running through the Marketing Enterprise Platform, offering synergy and simplicity at the same time.

    MeMo² generates instant clarity and control by allowing brands to access Brand tracking reporting platform. Actionable templates like the Brand Impact Scorecard presents actual performance levels on essential KPI’s, compared with competitors’ analysis and benchmarking data, providing Media and Marketing team professional feedback.

    Our strategy consultants periodically present specific and advanced branding analysis to advise branding performance enhancement. These sessions create significant value for ambitious brands.

  • Insight Scans

    Before actual campaigns are generated and go live, it makes sense to pre-test various assumptions. These assumptions might impact the actual outcome of your crossmedia investment. Scans are not identical to pre-testing. Scans are designed to check, validate and control if every step in Marketing is aligned and likely to contribute to high brand of sales performance.

    Scans typically track and measure actual behavior and insights from a group of selected consumers. Pending on the Brand’s needs, the scope may vary. Some brands want to understand if their eCommerce platform is providing a clear and pleasant experience, while others focus more on brand positioning and if the intended new concepts or marketing directions will perform to expectations.

    The common thread to all MeMo² scans, is that we use feedback of real people.

    Results are being presented in an online environment and in a strategic presentation. Our strategy consultants offer concrete improvement to enhance existing ideas, concepts, products, campaigns, online retail, offline retail or the whole value chain.

    MeMo² has conducted thousands of scans over the years, offering data rich benchmarking environment.

  • THX Platform

    The MeMo² THX. Platform is capable of monitoring the day-to-day effects of your (Cross)Media and Marketing investment. For example; when brands start their campaign with airing new commercials on TV and video ads on Youtube, it’s crucial to monitor real reach among national and representative audiences. It’s also crucial to understand the actual exposure and frequency in which your campaign is reaching your audience. For example: what’s the average contact frequency? What’s the origin of very high frequencies? What’s the size of our target audiences whom has not seen our commercial yet?

    Quick consumer feedback is helpful to understand where optimization could be found. Within seconds the THX. Platform can determine brand impact of crossmedia exposure.

    Once campaigns progress into weeks or months, or are even finished, brands want to monitor consumer behavior such as (repeating) actual store traffic and web visits. THX. Platform offers this ability. In other words, exposure and behavior are being measured, connected and reported in almost real time.

    THX. Platform is the new Enterprise platform derived from MeMo² ambition to fulfill our vision of Brands in Control. We believe the THX. Platform is the future of crossmedia analytics; bringing insights closer to Brands in a timely manner where it can be used to optimize results.

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  • THX Shopper Analytics.

    A new era of shopper analytics has arrived.

    There are more ways to shop than ever before with eCommerce, click-and-collect, and direct-to-consumer options. There are also more products to choose from with an explosion of private labels and direct-to-consumer brands. To keep pace with all these changes, THX Shopper Analytics goes beyond traditional measurement to deepen your consumer understanding.

    Fast Consumer Insights: On-demand access to 24/7 consumer insights, brand strength and purchase data.

    Holistic understanding: Create deep insights via the THX platform that combines cross media advertising and instore promotion with actual consumer behaviors and attitudes.

    Omnichannel visibility: Monitor all retail channels from physical and digital outlets to e-commerce players and marketplaces.

  • Commercial Data Science

    A lot of data is available. Mostly in different places. Inside or outside the organization. This complex eco-system of data sources hides serious growth potential for ambitious brands. By collecting, connecting, validating, analyzing, modeling and forecasting data and information brands can outperform their competitors. The only question is how to do it?

    The MeMo² Data-Science Centre offers a wide range of data-science solutions. These solutions run on the MeMo² Data-Science infrastructure. Data collection from various sources are infused into the platform and digested into various performance enhancing modules and analytics.

    The benefit of working with MeMo² Data Science solutions is their singular focus on performance improvement. Hundreds of brands use the same data platform making it robust, safe and reliable. Since all Data Science solutions run on the same platform, extending data sources and analytics are both easy as cost effective.

    MeMo² Data Science solutions and platform allow brands to quickly grow data-driven marketing capabilities without costly operations and integrations.

  • Consumer Journey

    Journeys are getting increasingly complex and fragmented. Especially online. Multi-device means multi-experience. Large marketplaces redirect traffic within their domain without little control from the brands’ perspective. Offline and online retail is not always properly connected.

    Since the start of MeMo² we devoted a lot of time on improving eCommerce related presence. During the years a large number of Marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and Brands with a strong digital presence have benefited significantly from MeMo² data, advise and support.

    MeMo² applies complete customer Journey measurement, validation and optimization. The results are presented in an integrated way, allowing brands to fully appreciate the crossmedia and cross-device complexity of journeys and the joint effect on consumers.

    MeMo² provides online access to results as well as strategic presentations. In these sessions we outline bottlenecks and opportunities for further growth.

    We work with leading online Marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, retailers, insurance companies, energy providers, banks, FMCG, electronics and non-profit in this domain.

  • Forecasting and Modeling

    MeMo² conducted about 8500 crossmedia effect tracking projects. All these results are structured and stored to produce feedback for brands.

    Typically, in the last or first quarter of the year, brands like to review and upgrade their media plans, communication strategies and budget distribution. MeMo² uses forecasting models fueled by data out of these 8500 trackers to offer realistic what-if scenarios. It produced quick and validated decision making based on collective data-driven intelligence.

    The fragmentation of media triggers fundamental questions on how to distribute media and marketing budget with specific brand or sales targets in mind. We provide instant answers on budget allocations and target setting questions.

    What KPI’s to use to bring the brand or business forward are very relevant issues typically discussed in these projects. We feel that effective KPI setting will amplify solid business decision making on what performance drivers really matter.

    Media Mix Modeling are strategic solutions. Forecasting modeling software based in Artificial Intelligence have been infused with the collective knowledge of about 8500 fully documented campaigns. The specific benefit of AI driven Media Mix Modeling and Performance Forecasting is it’s self-learning capability. Data collected daily is improving the underlying model and outcome. A significant improvement of regular models based on a limited set of unvalidated data connected together by regression.

    Recently MeMo² won a number of Research and Analytical achievement awards for the concrete achievement on the application of Artificial Intelligence within Media and Marketing Impact Forecasting. Lastly the European IAB Research Grand Prix for Research Excellence.

    The models are presented in an online environment whereby the client can change assumptions and scenarios. Our Strategy consultants present the clear commercial opportunities which lay in the complexity of the analysis.

  • Strategy and Consulting

    Brands reconsider their linear Media Planning process whereby briefing, historic media buying practices and basic campaign evaluation is the basis in which the annual media and marketing ‘seasons’ operate. It’s not to say it’s not producing results, but it does come with structural problems.

    Due to media fragmentation and the complexity of human behavior, brands need to take better control of their dynamic and complex marketing eco-system environment. By infusing integrated control and (some) operations the sales and brand performance will quickly benefit.

    MeMo² developed a program to transform a linear media planning process onto a more eco-system approach with integrated governance. Regaining more control over total Media and Marketing spend and align all stakeholders. Helping brands to effectively cope with media fragmentation, GDPR, consumer digitalization and the need-for-speed.

    Not only consumer brands work with us, large eCommerce players also turn to us for growth ‘beyond Google and Facebook’ advertising. Marketplaces and Commerce platforms are always looking for new ways of growing traffic, distribution and business. These businesses use our crossmedia expertise to measure, guide and grow brand impact and sales performance. Largely by understanding and amplifying crossmedia effect synergies.

    At the end of the program, our strategy consultants assess and produce a ‘new’ blueprints or frameworks. In such a blueprint there’s focus on short-term improvement and long-term capability development needs. Guidance in implementation is available and advisable.

    Besides Transformational services we provide guidance on other areas like; 1) strengthen your brand, 2) increase media exposure, 3) grow customer knowledge and 4) discover new markets.