Twitter brand lift study for ASICS: significant results on purchase intent

By Christian Manuputty 19th March 2021

Recently, MeMo² conducted a Twitter brand lift study for ASICS. This advertiser reached out to Twitter and MeMo² in order to measure the effectiveness of an awareness campaign for running shoes in the UK.

ASICS wanted to reach the in-market running shoe audience on Twitter. The results of this campaign were measured by MeMo². Twitter isolated all accounts of people likely to be in-market of buying running shoes. The social media platform created a target audience including for example marathon participants or followers of specific runner brands.

The MeMo² brand lift study shows that after the campaign, runners who were exposed to the campaign are more likely to buy a running shoe of ASICS (+52%). As purchase intent was one of the most relevant metrics for this campaign, the Twitter campaign has been very successful.