BREAKING: Kantar acquires MeMo²

By Christian Manuputty 2nd June 2021

Kantar, global market leader in data-driven insights, has acquired Amsterdam-based cross-media effect tracking specialist MeMo². The news was announced today.

MeMo²’s team and portfolio, with a strong reputation for advanced and innovative cross-media research and analytics, strongly complement Kantar’s offerings in media and marketing effectiveness. Due to the acquisition 50 specialists are added to the Kantar team in order to expand cross-media effectiveness activities in Europe.

Since 2004, MeMo² has built a very strong international reputation in the field of advanced cross-media effect tracking, analytics and data science. For instance, MeMo² won 4 renowned IAB Europe Research Awards last week. Furthermore, MeMo² has introduced a new form of cross-media analytics by using the THX. Platform. This new measurement method can be used to automatically determine real-time cross-media effectiveness, retail traffic, brand effects and purchasing behavior.

Advanced cross-media measurement services are becoming more popular due to the uncertainty concerning effective cross-media advertising. Developments such as increasing media fragmentation, growth of omnichannel retail, acceleration in digitization, disappearance of cookies, the power of walled gardens and ‘the rapidly changing consumer’ make the outcome of media and marketing investments uncertain.

Gonzalo Fuentes, President, Insights EMEA at Kantar: “This is our third acquisition since becoming an independent company and this illustrates the ambition we have at Kantar. MeMo² is a strong addition to our portfolio focused on media effectiveness. This will strengthen our competitive position in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe The high degree of automation that MeMo² offers aligns with our strategy to develop highly scalable products that combine advanced technology with our profound data and analysis capabilities.

After winning the groundbreaking Dutch Media Research contract, the world’s most advanced integrated reach study. Today’s acquisition also demonstrates the great momentum our Dutch leadership team is creating in the market.”

Bram van Schaik, General Manager Insights Division Kantar Netherlands: ”In today’s challenging and competitive business environment, understanding the effectiveness of complex campaigns has never been more important. The acquisition of MeMo² makes it easier for our customers to grow with investments in promotions, marketing and cross-media advertising. With this expansion of our portfolio, we can advise clients even better on the ROI of their media effort, the effectiveness of their campaigns and the short and long-term effects on their brand.”

Tim Koekkoek (Managing Partner MeMo²) and Marcel Vogels (founder MeMo²) add: “Since 2004 we have followed our vision of ‘Brands in control’. With this vision we respond to a world in which brand specialists, market researchers, marketing intelligence specialists, marketers, media specialists, commercial managers and retail specialists want more rapid control and direction over the dynamics and attribution concerning brand and sales growth. This makes collaboration with agencies and media parties a lot more goal-oriented. In addition to the clear control function that our advanced solutions in media and marketing effectiveness offers, the way we work with our partners/customers is also a great asset. MeMo² works with brands on a daily basis, side-by-side, to improve results together in a data-driven way. If possible per day, week or at least during an ongoing campaign. We would like to share this way of working within Kantar with our MeMo² crew. We are really looking forward to it!”

With the takeover, 50 cross-media specialists from MeMo² will transfer to the Dutch and European Kantar organization. The activities of MeMo² will continue under the current brand name, but it will be linked to ‘a Kantar company’. MeMo² continues its activities as an independent unit within Kantar. Customers of MeMo² thus retain the same teams and service. The MeMo² management team, services and locations will also remain unchanged. Kantar’s cross-media research experts are welcomed to the MeMo² team.